Showcase your service center's compliance with ANSI/EASA AR100

申请表 审核检查表

EASA认证计划标志It has been proven that electric motor efficiency can be maintained during repair 和 rewind by following defined good practices. EASA has developed an international accreditation program for service centers based on the sources of these good practices, 即 ANSI/EASA AR100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus 和 the Good Practice Guide based on the 2019 和 2003 Rewind Studies of premium efficiency, 能源效率, 和IE2(以前的EF1)电机, by EASA 和 the Association of Electrical 和 Mechanical Trades (AEMT).

获得EASA认证, service centers undergo third-party evaluation to assure that they are using prescribed good practices to maintain motor efficiency 和 reliability during electrical 和 mechanical repairs of electric motors. The program accomplishes this by use of independent, third-party auditors.

Three-phase, squirrel-cage motors that are repaired in accredited service centers. As such, the scope of the program includes mechanical repairs as well as electrical rewinding.


  • Designed to assure usage of prescribed good practices
  • Helps maintain motor efficiency 和 reliability during repair
  • Covers 23 categories 和 more than 70 criteria elements
    (See the 审核清单及解释 for details)
  • External audits are conducted by independent, third-party auditors

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This program is open to EASA members 和 non-members.


The cost to enter the program is $300 for members, 非会员$1500(恕不退款), 在选择审计师之前必须支付哪些费用. The enrollment fee includes a supply of 100 认证 Program motor labels which will be shipped to service centers that successfully complete their initial third-party (on-site) audit. 可以购买额外的标签. 每三年, 在随后的第三方审计之前, a non-refundable renewal fee must be paid ($300 for members, 非会员费用为1500美元).

EASA-sanctioned审计师 will charge applicants separately for external (on-site) audits. Audit firms may also charge for reviewing 和 approving annual internal audits. 联系审计员了解定价细节.




Download one of the EASA认证程序 application forms below.

申请表格(英文) SOLICITUD(西班牙语)

Complete the fillable PDF application 和 fax (+1 ) or mail a copy to EASA with along your application fee. Be sure to sign your application to acknowledge that your repair facility underst和s 和 agrees to abide by the 条款 和 条件 of the EASA认证程序.



The EASA认证程序 utilizes a checklist consisting of 23 categories for more than 70 m和atory criteria elements. The auditor evaluates each criteria line item for evidence of conformity by review of applicable service center repair documents or by observation of service center practices. Review of the calibration status of associated equipment is also performed by the auditor. (Note: Calibration requirements apply to all instruments included in the required equipment list. 然而, instruments not in the required equipment list are not required to be calibrated because they are outside the scope of the program.)



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(Lista de Comprobaciòn con Explicaciones de Los Criterios)

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如何数码签署easa PDF表格 


ANSI / EASA AR100-English

The criteria for the EASA认证程序 are based on the good practices found in ANSI/EASA AR-100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical ApparatusThe 保持电机效率的良好实践指南. Service centers wishing to become accredited should download, review 和 become familiar with these publications.

ANSI / EASA ar100 - 2020

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关于AR100 & 2020年版有什么新内容

Based on the 2019 和 2003 Rewind Studies of premium efficiency, 能源效率, 和IE2(以前的EF1)电机