The EASA Business Model - Current and Future

课程长度: 半天(4小时)
Available as a condensed course: No
Maximum number of students: 没有最大
教练: 杰瑞Peerbolte J. Peerbolte & 的同事


Get the latest insights into the EASA Service Center business model from the findings of the 2017 EASA Industry Research project.   This comprehensive project collected information about sales, 利润率, 服务产品, and other key areas important to EASAns.  Key issues covered include:

  • How has the EASA industry changed in the past several years? And what does the future hold?
  • Competitive forces and technological threats to the industry?
  • Is repair/rewind really declining? Or is it increasing for some? 如果是,多少?
  • Sales breakdowns and profit 利润率 for specific services
  • In what service areas have members expanded?
  • Industry challenges and how members are coping
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Strategies for short and long-term success

The session provides EASA members the opportunity to benchmark their company’s performance and business practices with those of fellow EASAn’s.


  • Chapter/Region fee (+expenses): $2500 plus $15/student for handout
  • Member company fee (+expenses): $3500 plus $15/student for handout
  • Nonmember fee (+expenses): Not available to nonmembers
  • (Additional fees may apply if travel time exceeds 5 hours. 通宝tb222官网 for details.)

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